Recent Paintings


W/P/A/C Washington Project for the Arts/Corcoran presents Recent Paintings
Curated by Paula Crawford and W.C. Richardson 1998
Essay titled Substance and Doubt by W.C. Richardson

Referring to Madalyn Marcus
“these paintings are somewhat contradictory because they are both lyrical and linguistic. Do we feel them or do we read them? Can we do both with equal emphasis?

Earlier work employed clear symbols and letters, forming natural grids. The individual symbols give way to the structures they naturally imply. The grid, informal and organic in a painting such as From Me To You, has become definite and structural in the multi-panel configurations that have followed. In all of this work, repeated layers of solvent-thinned paint result in fluid, glowing, complex colors and translucent surfaces.

In the newer work, the physicality of the small square canvases is set against the flickering indeterminacy of their rich and subtle color. This is visual music with its roots in language.”